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We have been helping people with debt and bailiff debts for over 10 years and whatever problems you are up against, we could help you too.
We understand that creditors and bailiffs can be stressful, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our expertise means that we can assess your situation and provide the option that best suits your circumstances.
With our help and support, you could contact us today to discuss what options are available for you in helping you get through everything.
We offer a friendly, confidential, specialist service whether your looking for free advice without obligation, or a solution to become debt free.

Call our advice line and speak to one of our advisors on 0333 577 9890


 We Can

→ Offer free debt and bailiff advice

Stop bailiff enforcement, stop action quickly

Help with council tax bailiffs

Offer assistance with a high court writ

Look at different debt solutions   


Reduce your credit card debt up to 75%

One affordable monthly payment

Get a stable financial footing

Stop creditors and Bailiffs taking further action

Explore Our Debt Management Solutions

Michael Alan advise on a range of debt solutions. We will assess what you qualify for and recommend the right solution that suits your circumstances.

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Creditors We Can Help With

Michael Alan works with a wide range of creditors every day, below is just a small selection of those we can help you with.

Virgin Money

Write Off Most Types of Debt, Including:

Payday Loans

Personal Loans

Credit Cards

Store Cards

Free Debt Advice

There are several organisations that provide free debt advice.

Money Helper

Money Helper

To find out more about managing your money and getting free debt advice, visit Money Helper, an independent service set up to help people manage their money.



You can find out more about dealing with your creditors in a guide produced by the Insolvency Service at GOV.UK


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