What is a bailiff? Need Bailiff Advice?

Need Bailiff Help?

We have been helping people with bailiff debts and giving debt advice for over 10 years. A bailiff (also known as enforcement officers) is an individual who is legally authorised to recover an outstanding debt.
You should not receive an unexpected visit from a bailiff – they need to provide at least 7 days’ notice for their first visit and you will have received a final demand which will have warned you about the use of bailiffs. If you require bailiff help or advice then please contact us today on 03335779890

Bailiffs can only be used for the following types of debt:

  • Council tax
  • CCJs
  • High Court Judgements
  • Child Support & Maintenance
  • Parking Fine
  • Business rent & rates
  • VAT
  • Income tax
  • National insurance

Bailiffs do not collect debts for credit cards, overdrafts or payday loans unless you have failed to pay it after a CCJ.

Follow these 3 steps:
How To Stop Bailiffs And How To Deal With Bailiffs
While bailiffs will contact you directly and are authorised to visit your home to collect debts, they have to adhere to the laws and if you know your rights, it will help you deal with a bailiff situation properly.
Step 1
Do not be intimidated
Step 2
Do not let them in your home
Step 3
Do not sign any paperwork

What bailiffs can & cannot do

A bailiff cannot legally enter your home (if doors are locked) unless invited. However, they can gain entry through an unlocked back door, garage or shed.

Bailiffs can:

  • Force entry into your home if they have a warrant
  • Seize control of your belongings and take them away (they list them first and then come back at a later date to take)
  • Enter your home if they have been invited by an individual over 16 years of age

Bailiffs cannot:

  • Enter your home between 9pm – 6am
  • Enter your home where only a child or vulnerable person is present
  • Force their way past you when you open the door
  • Climb through windows or over walls & fences
Bailiffs we’ve stopped
Michael Alan has helped customers stop a wide range of bailiffs, below is just a small selection of those we can help you with.